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   Welcome to the School of International Education! 关注公众号StudyatHdu English中文Online Application Overview About HDU Location HDU Profile Campus Guide About SIE Video Why Hdu and Hangzhou Contact us Schools Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Information Communication Engineering Automation Computer Science & Technology Materials & Environmental Engineering Life Information Science & Instrument Engine... Economics Management Accounting Foreign Languages Digital Media and Art Design Humanities and Law Programs Chinese Taught Programs English Taught Programs Admission Undergraduate Graduate Scholarship Zhejiang Provincial Government HDU Scholarship Alumni Online Application Downloads Other transactions News Application Questions & Answers Campus Life Student Handbook Exams Assessment Student Regulations Academic Calendar Contact Us Chinese Learning Resources homepage  Other transactions  Student Handbook  Exams Assessment Rules in Examinations for HDU 杭州电子科技大学留学生考场规则Rules in Examinations for HDU International Students1.考生须按规定的考试时间,提前五分钟进入考场,不得无故缺考。All international students should take part in the exams at the specified time. You’d better enter the exam room five minutes earlier and cannot be absent without reasons.2.迟到十分钟以上者不得进入考场,并按缺考论处。开考三十分钟后方准交卷出场。Students who are late for over 10minutes will be not allowed to enter the exam room and the exam result of this course is registered as “0”. Students can hand in the exam papers thirty minutes after the exam begins .3.除经老师同意外,考生不得携带任何书籍、稿纸以及计算器、手机、随身听等器具,如有考生带来,必须放在监考人员指定的位置。Without teacher’s permission, students are not allowed to carry any books,notebooks, calculators, mobile-phones and I-pad etc. Those things which have been carried by the students are required to put aside in a place designated by the supervisors. 4.学生应独立完成考试,不许有任何方式的舞弊行为。有舞弊行为者,一经发现,该课程成绩按零分计,不允许参加补考,并给予纪律处分。协助作弊者,给予相应处分。When attending the examinations, students are required to finish the exam independently without any means of cheating. Those who cheat in exams will be registered as “0” in the course result and are not allowed to attend the makeup exam. Those who cheat or help with cheating will both get punished in accordance with the relevant regulations of Hangzhou Dianzi University. 5.考试结束,监考人员宣布收卷时,学生应立即停止答卷,在座位上待监考人员收卷、清点完毕后,方能离开考场。When the exam is over and the supervisors announce the time for paper collecting, students are required to stop writing on the exam papers, remaining seated until all papers are collected and counted by the supervisors. Quick links 杭州电子科技大学英文网站 Dean's Email| About us| Contact us 2016 Copyright © The Sino-British College, USST, Hangzhou. All rights reserved. Number of ICP:浙ICP备07037311号


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